Learning social skills are essential for kids, as it allows them to interact with society and become a responsible citizen. However, engaging kids in social activity isn’t an easy task. So the question is how parents can help their kids to learn basic social norms. Here are a few playful and fun loaded ideas to help children interact with each other.

Play Board Games

Playing board games is an ideal way to learn social skills. Kids follow specific rules, show patience, and wait for their turn. They can even negotiate to create their own rules. By agreeing to and following these rules, children develop a sense of responsibility and become be more disciplined.

Cooperative Games

Another way to engage your kids in social activities is through cooperative games. The best part of these games is the fact that there is no winner or loser. On the contrary, all the participants work together to achieve a common goal. Some of the most popular games include Hoot Owl Hoot, Dinosaur Escape, and Stone Soup. One of the things we do with our kids when we go out for “adult” appointments, is to create a fun family game to keep them engaged and behaving. It’s becomes so much fun, that it has spread to other families. At our chiropractor in Cave Creek, Healthy Images (http://healthyimages.co), they’ve even created fun rules for us and everyone plays along when we come in.

Competitive Games

Like other social activity games, competitive games also require a small group of kids (5 to 7). You can also turn these competitive games into cooperative games. For instance, ‘Connect Four’ is a cooperative game where two players work together in a pair. Uno is an ideal competitive game, especially when more kids are participating.

Players can choose their own goals and try to achieve them by implementing their own strategies. When there are more than two kids in each team, they can share their ideas and listen to each other’s suggestions. Games like these also increase the problem-solving abilities of the kids.

You can arrange a treasure hunt by hiding some chocolates and cupcakes. Create a map and give one of its copies to each team. Use clues and riddles to help kids find the treasure. This will also enhance the decision-making powers of your kids.

Group Conversations

Choose a topic (Usually what kids love to talk about) and start a group discussion. Ask the kids to sit in circle and give them a prop i.e ball. Put the prop in the center and start discussing what each of them likes about their favorite cartoon. The kid who wants to answer should hold the prop and then speak.

After that, he/she will pass on the prop to another kid who wants to say something. The use of prop will help to keep the kids quiet and disciplined. Hence, they won’t speak simultaneously and wait for their turn.

Watch Videos and Identify Characters

Kids and even adults tend to be more attentive to videos than the text or audio. Hence, to teach social skills to your kids, you can also use this medium. Just play a short video and ask kids to watch it carefully.

Once the video is over, ask questions about the characters, their dressing, how they behaved and in which zone these characters are i.e good or bad. You can even pause the video and talk about a specific character.