Believe it or not, house rules are the most valuable asset of any home. It is identical to a family mission statement. These rules define the role and activities of all the kids. However, in order to comply with, these rules should simple and less complicated.

In addition, the house rules should be easy to amend, as with the passage of time you may need to change things a bit. Developing some rules for your kids and teenagers would definitely cast a positive impact on their overall behavior and make them more responsible.

These rules also make it possible to groom your kids to learn better social skills. Below are a few of the most incredible house rules, which you should think to apply in your home.

Mom and Dad Share the Control over the House

This is the primary rule, which clarifies that dad and mom are the in charge of their home and the kids need to listen to them. Moreover, they have the authority to implement the other rules and point out any deviant behavior of the kids.

Respect Everyone

This rule makes it binding on the kids to respect anyone who lives in the home. It also applies to the outsiders who visit their home occasionally or regularly. By following such a rule, the teenagers and kids would learn the most important social skill that is going to help them out when they move in society.

Don’t Speak in other’s Matters

If parents are discussing an issue, kids shouldn’t participate by sharing their thoughts. However, if the matter is associated with any of the kids, he/she can speak when asked to do so.

Respond to any Query

If parents ask something, immediately respond to it in a clear manner. Ignoring any query should be strictly prohibited. If the parents ask about the breaking of the home rule, the kid must reply to show the reasons why it happened.

Accept your Fault

This rule is of great importance when it comes to the implementation of house rules. For instance, if someone creates a mess or breaks a rule, such a person must accept his/her fault without making any lame excuses.

Never Lie

The kids must have a clear thing in mind that there will be zero tolerance against a lie. Hence, the parents must pass this message to the kids that they should speak the truth no matter what the circumstances are.

Inform the Parents when Changing Plans

Kids must keep their parents informed about their daily routine or plans. For instance, if the teenager is visiting his/her friend after school, it is essential to inform the parents about such a change in plan.

Privilege comes with Responsibilities

Privilege should be only available for those kids who know their responsibilities and fulfill them. If the kids don’t respect the responsibilities assigned to them, they can’t ask for the privileges.

Ask before Borrowing Anything

When the kids need something, they must ask for it to whom it belongs. Grabbing things without the permission of its owner shouldn’t be allowed. For example, the child wants to use a parent’s phone, it is necessary to ask for permission.