If you wondering how to spice up your lazy Sunday afternoon, here are some of the best sports that you can play at home with your friends and family. Hence, to spend a fun-filled weekend; chose one of the games listed below.

Try Indoor Golf

Apart from being a fun game to play, it also serves as a way to sharpen your golf game. You can play this game with multiple players. However, before inviting some friends, make sure that you have enough golf balls and putter for each player. The rules of this game are similar to that of real golf.

Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a great way to spend free time at home. It’s a simple to play game; where the player hits a puck on the air-cushioned hockey table towards the opponent. When the puck falls into a little hole, it gives 1 point to the player. Air hockey is identical to the sport of ice hockey. The player who scores the highest number of goals within a specific time wins the game.

Table Tennis

Also known as ping-pong, the table tennis game is one of the best indoor sports. Two or four players can enjoy this game for a couple of hours. The rules are similar to that of lawn tennis, but there is a small table instead of a tennis court. When the ball hits the table and opponent fails to collect it, the players throwing the ball scores one point. In fact, it is a great way to stretch your legs and arms. Hence, you would surely enjoy playing table tennis at home.

Throwing Darts

Throwing darts at the dartboard is a great way to learn aiming techniques. It not only gives a reason to have fun with friends; but also improves your concentration skills. Although steel pin dots offers maximum accuracy, you should avoid using them at home with a view to playing this game safely.

Wii Dancing

The word dancing attached to this game looks tempting. In fact, this dancing game is more fun than any other game that you can play at home. The Wii dancing involves mimicking the professional dancer on the screen. While doing this, you and your friends would surely enjoy a lot.

Indoor Bowling

Those, who have a real bowling alley in their home, they are lucky. If you aren’t one of them, there is another option. You can play a simulated arcade bowling game at home. What you have to do is to throw a bowling ball into a series of loops, which represent points. For instance, you can throw your ball into the 50 or 100 points loop and keep on scoring to build up your points.


Horseshoe is the simplest and fun-loaded game, which you can play with your friends and family.  Most of us have played this game in our childhood. It is all about throwing a horseshoe-shaped tool (plastic or steel) at a ring. The player who successfully throws the horseshoe around the ring will score a point. Although appears to be simple, it is a challenging game that requires concentration and perfect hand-eye coordination.